As you've probably are aware due to the global situation, commodity and electricity prices are skyrocketing. This is also happening in The Netherlands and in the rest of Europe at the moment, at an exceptional, unforeseen rates that no-one could’ve predicted priorly. On this page we keep you informed about the month - to - month avarage price:


1 Ampere = 58,10 EUR


1 Ampere = 92,63 EUR


1 Ampere = 121,83 EUR


1 Ampere = 110,48 EUR


1 Ampere = 74,70 EUR


1 Ampere = 64,74 EUR

This page will be updated every 1st day of the month, most recent update: 16/11/2022. 

Update 05/09/2022 - Due to recent surges on the daily rates, our DataCenter supplier needs additional time to provide the accurate rates for September.
Update 18/09/2022 - Based on the latest update from our DataCenter supplier the rates for September have been published. The current outlook for the Oktober rates seem to improve.
Update 21/10/2022 - Final prices for October had been published by our DataCenter supplier.

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

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