PDU / Bracker tripped (Wordt onderzocht)
  • Prioriteit - Kritisch
  • Storingen Overige - CSW-04 NL-3 - Serverius DC1 - 4.3.18
  • Location: NL-3 - Serverius DC1 Dronten¬†
    Start: 27.01.2022 8:00 CET
    End: - CET

    Reason: Top of rack switch does not route traffic

    #1 - 08:45
    Since this morning 8:00 we are seeing routing issues on the TOR switch in the colocation rack. We are working to resolve this issue asap.

    #2 - 09:11
    The bracker and PDU of the the colocation rack 4.3.18. had tripped, which most-likely had been caused by a defected PSU. The power-feed (PDU & braker) and network services had been restored. We are checking the invidiual server's PSUs to detect the origin.

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  • Datum - 27-01-2022 08:00 - 27-01-2022 09:11
  • Laatste update - 27-01-2022 09:18

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